Thursday, December 8, 2011

What a difference a week makes!

As you can see Emme has made great strides in her rolling over in the last week. Now she just rocks back and forth over and over and over again.

**I am completely aware, by the way that all of my posts have been about Emme. Honestly I WISH I could post more about frolicking in the African jungle, but I really haven't gotten to do much since I have been here. I sure as shit aint gonna drive here so I need to get a driver and my life pretty much revolves around the one that we call Emme. We did get to go to a cool place last Sunday called Mish Mash. It's a restaurant/art gallery/cool house run by some Brits and I had an excellent "trio of dips" to write home about. Check it out so when you come and visit you know what it's about.

Speaking of Brits--this leads my brain to the subject of white people. I have seen about 4 times as many westerners here in 3 weeks than my entire 2 years in Romania. There are just so many NGOs (thats Non-Government Organizations) to you newbies and people that come here and never leave its amazing. When we were at Mish Mash I think the ENTIRE opening was the mzungi. I think I saw one rich-looking native Ugandan with a Louis Vuitton. And us white folk dress JUST like you think white people dress in Africa. Cargo pants and linen shirts for the men and long maxi skirts with canvas messenger bags, scarves and locally-made earrings for the ladies. It's awesome.

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