Sunday, December 18, 2011

Out and About

One thing that is better in Kampala than Bucharest is the fact that they have breakfast. Romanians will argue with me that they too eat breakfast, but I beg to differ. Eating some sort of pastry and an espresso doesn't cut it for me. I don't think they even understood what a egg was.

Here, we actually have cafes that serve waffles, pancakes and scrambled eggs. One of our favorites haunts is a place where if you walk in you might actually mistake yourself being in Los Angeles. They even have a fancy sliding barn door that is all the rage on Pinterest.

We go to Endiro pretty much every weekend because we can pretend we are normal and Emme likes to stare at all the trees. Jon ordered French Toast (Spicy) and I got a mushroom and basil omlette. Delish! One thing we like about East African cooking is that they "spice" things with Masala spice so things taste like Thanksgiving and Christmas all the time.

The problem is, when we step out of there you are thrust back into Africa...whoops.

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