Monday, December 26, 2011

A Very Kampala Christmas

Check out my Christmas gift from the hubs. It's hand-carved with African-thingys on it. Ugandans think shoe polish is a proper way to stain wood so it smells wonderful.

We woke up by Emme's cries at 7am and opened presents. Unfortunately, our HHE arrived just a bit too late to put up our fancy Wal-Mart tree so we had to go with an ABSURDLY expensive Ugandan version that should have cost 99 cents.

Emme decided to get really possessive of all her gifts and wanted to open them all at the same time.

Emme got lots of books and toys and a big girl swing that Santa forgot to put under the tree. She wanted to read her books immediately.

Then she had "too much Christmas" and decided she couldn't take all the chaos. Can you see the pile of trash? Oi vei.

Emme took a nice nap after her present opening and then we dressed her up in her ridiculous Christmas outfit and took her over to a Ugandan's house for a local Christmas celebration. I got this outfit when I was home at the Christmas in Cowtown fair in Fort Worth. It is so ridiculous and I never dress her up in this kind of stuff so it was fun for one day. AND she didn't poop in the tutu...she doesn't have a good track record with tutus...

Erin and Jon ate "local" food on Christmas with the Ugandans that consisted of sweet potatoes, pumpkin and Matoke. It tasted like...nothing. All I know is the next day Jon and I both felt like crap and Emme had really bad diaper rash.

Then Emme put on her last Christmas outfit that was sent by Grandma and Grandpa Drucker and we all settled in for a long winter's nap.

Thanks to everyone who sent us gifts--you have no idea how nice it is to feel a little "normal" every once in a while and mail seems to do the trick! We miss everyone terribly and are currently unpacking everything so we can start to actually enjoy our new home and get ready for our first guests...whose it gonna be?!?!?! By the way, have I mentioned how difficult unpacking is with a baby? SHEESH! She only naps for like 30 minute increments and she is currently in a new teething phase. If I get through 3 boxes a day I consider it an accomplishment.

On another note--I unpacked a scale for our bathroom and pleasantly discovered that I have officially lost all the baby weight. Now that being said, this scale has been in a box for the last 6 months banged around on an ocean freighter, so who the hell knows if it's accurate or not. Also, just because the weight is technically gone that doesn't mean that everything still fits. The hips are a bit wider and my wedding ring is still inexplicably too tight. Everyone warned me about my feet, but no one said a damn thing about my hands! I already have MAN HANDS! Inexcusable, Emme. If I go at this rate then I'll be able to crush a coconut between my fingers by the next baby. Anyway, I hope the scale is accurate just on to the weight I wanted to lose PRE BABY!!!

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