Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So I thought about going with the latest Internet trend and go "Tebowing" here in Africa and then I realized, A) I hate Internet crazes and B) I hate Tim Tebow. For everyone who doesn't know what "Tebowing" is here you go:

I have never been able to fully express WHY I hate Tim Tebow so much--I used to assume it was because he was a UT rival. But he's in the pros now and I hate him almost more now than I did back in the dizzay. I have always thought he was too saccharine for me but being from Texas that really shouldn't bother me since Colt McCoy was overly sappy too.

The height of my hatred should have come when he decided to do an Pro-Life commercial during the Superbowl, but even then I could just roll my eyes and shrug it off...who cares? But then the pinnacle of my annoyance came when I was Pinning on Pinterest and some folks decided to pin a picture of him back in the Gator days when he wrote John 3:16 on his eye paint during the 2009 BCS Championship Game. As a result, 92 million people searched "John 3:16" on Google during or shortly after the game. Again, why this would bother me is beyond me, but for some reason it just does. I don't know if it's because he had that much influence over 92 million people, or the fact that this was something someone felt they needed to pin on a virtual cork board that I use for future home designs that I will never afford and fart jokes.

So, I could never quite put into words what it was that irked me so, and then I happened to log onto Facebook this morning and someone had posted this article. Written so wonderfully by one of my favorite authors, Chuck Klostermann. It's like he reached into my brain and pulled out exactly what it is that I have been trying to put into words...which is of course, what good authors do.

So, without further ado...

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