Sunday, April 22, 2012


Over two months ago (apparently having crappy internet, visitors and a wee little baby make me lapse in blogging), Jon, Emme and I went on a day trip to Jinja, Uganda to see the source of the nile. I was going absolutely stir-crazy and we really, really needed to get out of town. Unfortunately, getting out of town here isn't exactly the same as it would be in the states...especially with a baby. Traffic and whatnot make it absolutely crazy but at least we got to get out and do something different for once.

These crazy folks attack the "buses" and sell "delicious" meat on a stick.
Tea plantations line the highway.
We finally arrived at the Kingfisher Resort for lunch...we brought our swimsuits in case we wanted to do a day rate and swim but it took a decent amount of time to get there with traffic so we didn't have the time or energy.

Jon got this lovely thing for lunch. 

That's Lake Victoria in the background.
Emme wanted to go in the pool.

So smiley.
Here is another bar that looks out over the nile.  Bungee jumping to the left...

Anyway, it was a decent-enough respite from the hustle and bustle of Kampala and at least I can scratch "see the source of the Nile" off of my bucket list.

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