Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ian the Dwarf Man Baby with a Hairpiece

Ugandans have trouble with pronouns. I feel like even America the most uneducated still know the difference between "she" and "he." I understand that we have a difference in clothing attire here than is the norm in the states. Women do NOT wear pants here, only dresses or skirts therefore their baby girls are either dressed in dresses or local tribal wraps. However, Emme is always wearing a girly-looking frock. It might be shorts and a top or a romper but it's usually covered in something pink or swirly. Also, Emme is also still bald. But from where I come from bald babies can be either sex. Therefore, whenever I meet someone new and they assume she is a boy I really don't take offense but I DO say. SHE is a girl. Not HE is a girl. Somehow though, no matter what I do--Emme is a boy.

Our gardener still says--"how is baby Emma?"

"SHE is fine" I say.

"I miss that baby boy."


I don't know if boys are considered more of a blessing or something but I really don't get it. Maybe in Lugandan the word "baby" is always masculine or something--I honestly have no idea. But it's getting worse.

Yesterday Jon and I were at the coffee shop and a waiter who we've had before wanted to give Emme fist bumps and calling her "my brodah" (that's "my brother") who can't hear my Ugandan accent. So, when he asks what her name is Jon and I both emphatically say "HER name is EMME." Our waiter then proceeds to draw a picture of her to give to her as a gift.

Upon first look I thought--oh Emme looks like she has a hairpiece, then I thought oh the waiter's name is Ian, then upon closer look I notice it says "Ian" BY Alfred or something. So apparently Emme is synonymous with Ian and Ian looks like an angry Man-Baby.

Then he says "Oh look at her! I mean HIM--so sorry, so sorry." Awkward again.

Jon and I then just proceed to look at each other and laugh because what else can you do after that. So we have an adorable baby boy named Emma or Ian with a hairpiece but we love him all the same.

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